Monster in the house

Cymmetria provides deception tools for IT managers as they wage war against hackers and wrongdoers. Our story is as ancient as the tale of the Minotaur and as recent as any horror film. IT managers trapped in the confined cyber space of their of their organization hosting a monster - a hacker. Our story is about how we will help them beat the monster: by introducing an even bigger monster - a bad ass deception artist that takes no prisoners.

Project-1 Image

It's a war out there

Good against evil. Hackers against IT managers. IT managers are at a daily battle- setting up deception points and monitoring the network they are responsible for. 
We set up to design Cymmetria's SOC dashboard with a concept of a submarine in mind. Similar to a submarine, sitting and listening so is Cymmetria's SOC dashboard. Radar on, monitoring the network and turning on Alerts when needed.